Oil & Energy Committee Member: HCL Law to be introduced next session, after not reaching agreement this session

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Hamidi: we do not reach an agreement on oil and gas law and will be deported to the next session

Confirmed by the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Fatima Hamidi said that “its not reach agreement on oil and gas law and will be deported to the next session.

She said Hamidi {Euphrates} Saturday that “the political blocs have not agreed on the enactment of the oil and gas, which is one of the important laws is therefore not guilty of the Oil and Energy Committee, but the guilt of the blocks that have not agreed upon from the beginning,” noting that “the law will be deported back to the next session because he did only a few months left to the end of the session of the House of Representatives.

It is noteworthy that the oil and gas law postpones approval in the House of Representatives from time to time
because of political differences, the stage of the laws of the previous session.

The oil and gas law one of the most important laws in the country, being organized wealth of oil and gas and distributes powers between the federal government and local governments in the provinces and the region, where insists the central government to be contracting processes oil, extraction and exploration in her hand, while calling for local governments to grant these powers.



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