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11/03/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo
plans to the Ministry of Commerce access round the negotiating third special file of trade in goods and for the accession of Iraq to the World Trade Organization, called upon the Ministry of Planning, the concerned government authorities to provide special requirements to join.

said Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Trade Hashim Mohammed Hatem “morning “The Sub-Committee on the file of trade in goods emanating from the Supreme National Committee for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization discussed most of the inquiries and questions submitted by the member states of the Organization on file trade in goods, (more…)


The meeting will also include the continuation of the second reading of the law of contract, and the first reading of the proposed law Kirkuk Provincial Council elections

Baghdad / Mesalla: the Iraqi Council of Representatives began headed by Osama Najafi its complementary yesterday in order to Altusit the Parliamentary Elections Act, and the continuation of the second reading of the Unified Retirement Act. (more…)

03-11-2013 10:04 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/bahtik/… Although Iraq has immense natural wealth and human and material potential high economic policy still floundering and not specific to any trend going, they turn towards a free market economy or a totalitarian centralized economy.

Where a number of economists and competent that Iraq lacks a clear economic policy, although the State claims that the economy has turned into open market however remained under the totalitarian regime works. (more…)

November 1, 2013, 10:08 pm

A member of the Finance Committee called MP Najiba Najib to the need to restructure the Iraqi currency; because the current currency is in line with the size of the Iraqi state revenues and cash currency in circulation and investment which will hopefully happen in the coming period. (more…)