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Expert: application of the Basel standards rise the performance of the Iraqi banks

11/04/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi
counting expert bank standards Basel banking in Iraq from the good things that drive to achieve stability through the creation of fair competition between government and private banks through the services provided by these banks to citizens.

And said banking expert Samir النصيري to apply the terms of the Basel in Iraq between the central bank and other banks would improve the performance of banks, indicating the importance of the application of Basel standards across the follow-up developments taking place on the subject of Basel standards (2 and 3) in order to prepare for its implementation and adoption of international standards with regard to capital adequacy rate and liquidity ratio. (more…)


Urgent .. after a long labor ..
Monday, October 04, 2 / November 2013 20:22

House of Representatives voted to ratify the election law after a long labor and debates between the blocks that lasted several months.

The vote came on the ratification law after being approved to determine the number of seats by 328 seats in its upcoming 2014 election and ensure determine quota seats eight seats spread over five seats for Christians and providers and one for each of the Shabak, right and Yazidis. ” (more…)

AFP – Iraq’s vice president announced Monday that parliamentary polls will be held on April 30, 2014, confirming an earlier parliament decision, though lawmakers have yet to approve rules governing the election.

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04-11-2013 10:33 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//Jimmy, to the need to adopt an economic plan to support the private sector and other productive sectors to achieve sustainable development in the country.

He said sources (News Agency): that Iraq lacks a clear economic plan and good despite the many plans being developed by the Ministry of planning and the Government but they did not meet the desired objectives, so that the economy needs the reforms adopted by the Government. (more…)