We seek to reduce the rate of poverty, says Iraq Ministry of Planning

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Collect Economists in Iraq, the need to take the federal government in cooperation with local governments, a series of resolutions, which would reduce the poverty index, by adopting a long-term strategy, stressing the need to top the concerns of this strategy to provide jobs for the unemployed, by launching strategic projects huge collaboration with the private sector.

called economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine to the need to give way to the private sector to take a role in this strategy, as well as revitalize the agricultural sector as a sector, which serves 60% of the Iraqis.

while called a member of the Finance Committee in House of Representatives Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, the Ministry of Planning to speed up the adoption of strategic plans to reduce poverty in the country, pointing out the need to exploit the growing oil imports, in order to launch large-scale projects, absorbing labor idle now.

explained the Ministry of Planning, for its part that it has launched a strategy to reduce poverty since 2010 and managed through this strategy to reduce poverty index from 23% to 19%.

confirmed Undersecretary Dr. Mahdi Keywords that the ministry is launching new projects that will reduce the index poverty line to 16% over the next two years, but this remains subject to performance government.

referred to as the Ministry of Planning has already fired a strategy to reduce poverty index in Iraq four years ago, but it failed to reduce it, which called on the ministry to launch a new strategy, in the hope of success.



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