An expert in Iraqi affairs: “There will be a light at the end of the long tunnel of Iraq”

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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U.S. sees a specialist on Iraq, Michael Knights It optimistic than pessimistic, asserting that “Iraq’s long tunnel, it will be at the end of the light.”

The Knights, an expert at the Washington Institute for the Near East, said that “after 20 years, I think that Iraq would be out of the current ordeal, and will be a leading country, tolerant and open.”

He said that “a lot of media images about the problems of Iraq where exaggerations: many killings, but less than it was. Well, murder is not in Iraq alone.”

And refuses Knights describe what is happening to the civil war, he says, “I was in Iraq during the most difficult years 2006 and 2007, but were not those years of civil war. Nor now. Though many Iraqis criticize the government of Nouri al-Maliki, remains two factors: first, the keen political parties, many stay in parliament and in the government, and secondly, the Kurds are keen not to enter into a military confrontation with the government in Baghdad. ”

Asked about what it represents al-Qaeda threat in light of escalating attacks Finally, he said Knights: “I did not withdraw all our troops from Iraq, withdrawn, too, devices espionage, surveillance and stalking. Pulled capabilities giant connecting satellites to what is happening on the ground, probably in every street, In every house. Thus, we gave the (base) a chance to re-coordinate their activities, and continues to murder. second reason is that (al Qaeda) benefited from the popular anger the public on the government, anger at corruption, chaos, and failure to provide services. regardless of affiliations regional and sectarian and ethnic groups. ”

“The third reason is that (al Qaeda) has increased its activity in neighboring Syria, and western Iraq became a center, not only to be killed there, but, also, to finance the killing in Syria.”

Asked about his expectations about the future, through the Knights believed that Iraq will emerge from his ordeal current after twenty years, adding, “I think, too, that the Iraqis will go out of their plight current, more aware, and progress, and effectively. Within their country and in the region.”

Asked about it is probably the only one who seems optimistic about the future of Iraq, he replied, “I do not miss my understanding. Iraq in a very difficult situation at the present time., But I think that officials in Iraq, we will benefit from our mistakes in Iraq.”

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