Central Bank signed a contract with “BBC” for the implementation of retail payment systems

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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09/11/2013 14:43
Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: Iraqi Central Bank, on Saturday, has signed a contract with bpc British company to set up and update the retail payment systems and the development of the infrastructure of the Iraqi banking system.

The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki agency’s “Tomorrow’s Press,” that “the contract includes the implementation of a project payment and introduced in the retail banking business in the Iraqi public and private sector.”

Turki said that “the contract also includes the development of infrastructure for the success of this project through the provision of obtaining outlets and delivery centers and other institutions Almterbth the provision of globally traded financial systems and put them in front of the client in order to gain his confidence.”

He pointed out that “This project is one of the significant achievements and الضروية to develop banking business in general and the Iraqi was Manalassa rely on strengthening the private banks and even government banks working because I am that must exist so that these banks benefit from it.”

He stressed that “this project will ensure that facilitate the exchange of credit Aldakhalaly abroad and vice versa in addition to providing all smart Astkhaddamatbataqat are easy to banking and financial transactions and documentary and shorten the time and effort on the client in all remittances discreet.”



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