Iraq is ranked 130 in global economic prosperity index 2013

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Saturday, October 09, 2 / November 2013 11:48

Iraq finished [130] index globally in terms of economic power and in accordance with the general index for the welfare of the annual prosperity through the year 2013 issued by the Institute [يغاتوم] British in London, which included 142 countries around the world.

The report points out that “most people would agree that economic prosperity is not just material wealth, and so they take into account the indicators reflect the happiness and satisfaction of citizens in their daily lives, and their ability to build a better life in the future.”

And assesses the human capital index 122 countries make up more than 90% of the world’s population by measuring the contributing factors and motivation for the development and distribution of trained manpower and sound and capable.

The index consists of several criteria are education, health care and the labor force and employment, enabling environment, according to the results of the index, Switzerland ranked first in the world in the general index, followed by Finland, and Singapore.

With regard to the Arab countries came Arabia ranked first and twenty-UAE in the eighth century, after achieved thirteenth place in the index measures the strength of the economy, while followed by Kuwait to be the second Arab and third place thirty globally, Morocco 82 globally, Jordan 88, Tunisia 91, Lebanon 98 , Algeria 99, 108 Egypt, and Syria, 122, 135 and Yemen.

The report pointed out that the Arab region include two in a high human development too are Qatar and the UAE, and eight countries in a high human development are Bahrain 48, Kuwait 54, Saudi Arabia 57 and Libya 64, Lebanon 72, Oman 84, Algeria 93, Tunisia 94.

Norway ranks highest order of the first ten countries in the index global prosperity to come after Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, while The United States ranked eleventh, while befell Germany with a strong economy in place 14th globally, followed by Austria and the United Kingdom in the sixth century.

For it came as Singapore and Hong Kong two Alasewetan Almottagdmtan in the top 18 and 19 respectively, while in South and Latin America has replaced the first Uruguay ranked thirtieth in the world, followed by Costa Rica, while Russia was ranked 61.

The report showed this year’s decline in the United States in the index of economic growth to the fourth century, where more than South Korea’s economy and New Zealand and others on the U.S. economy in terms of the pace of growth, after having been dominated in previous years at the top of the list, to be able to Norway offset Americans and sit at the top in terms of this indicator.


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