MP Nassif calls for Iraq to take more pivotal role at UN; Also calls for follow-up on frozen Iraqi funds

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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High Nassif Foreign Ministry calls on Iraq to be merged with the international community and follow up of frozen Iraqi funds


MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to integrate Iraq to the international community and get the entitlements in the seats of the committees of the United Nations and follow-up of frozen Iraqi funds.

She told him the Information Office of the coalition: “Despite the passage of more than 10 years to change Iraq remains the country is moving in the international community compared to other countries in the region with influence pivotal role in the world, and it seems so obvious through the failure to get Iraq’s seats in the United Nations committees and lack of enjoyment of the real role that makes him the country participate in making important decisions. ”

She added: “The world is preoccupied with today’s challenging large that have taken place in the international arena كالأحداث Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan and economic crisis, in addition to the problem of terrorism, which is Iraq’s most prominent countries are experiencing, in the midst of these circumstances _AT_ NGED Unfortunately an important role and active for Iraq at the international level, either at the level of specific issues, we find that the issue of Iraqi funds frozen to Atjd of watched. ”

And stated: “The diplomatic efforts must keep pace with the latest developments in the world, it is essential that Iraq is witnessing a renaissance at the diplomatic level it may be that will return Iraq to its important role at the international level.”


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