Newspaper: Kurdistan is seeking independence with the aid of Turkey; U.S. expresses concern

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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U.S. newspaper: Kurds seeking independence with the help of Turkey and Baghdad and Washington Mtchwican the national conflict
Sunday, November 10 2 / November 2013 13:23

The newspaper said Washington Post of America said that “the Kurdistan region is looking forward to realizing the dream of the long-awaited independence with the help of Turkey, at a time when the rest of Iraq a wave of violence and bombings.”

The newspaper pointed out in its report that “the Kurdistan act already in many aspects as a sovereign state, providing the Kurdish authorities all public services, and leads its own army, and controls on the borders of the region, including guard dense southern border with the regions of Iraq with the Arab majority, but that most of the government buildings in Arbil, the capital of the region Kurdish flag and not the Iraqi flag, and many of the younger generation in Kurdistan did not learn the Arabic language and only speak Kurdish. ”

The newspaper pointed out, “yet still Kurds linked to Baghdad because of their dependence on the Iraqi treasury in most of their budget regional, but this could change rapidly, brushed leaders Turks and Kurds aside the hostility that lasted for many years, and apply now a partnership agreement in the field of energy and occurred earlier in the this year, and is expected to provide this agreement to an independent Kurdistan flood of oil revenues. ”

She drew the newspaper that “the first major step in this plan is to establish a pipeline extends directly to Turkey, and the work will start at the end of this year, according to statements made by Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region drastically, which said it is our duty create routes to export oil and gas to secure our future “.

The newspaper noted the U.S. that “both Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama expressed their concerns about the alliance emerging between Turkey and the Kurds of Iraq, arguing that it could lead to further undermine stability in the country and across the two sides of Iraq and the U.S. expressed concern that the push for Kurdish nationalism could exacerbate ethnic tensions with the Arab majority in Iraq, especially among those who live across the disputed border between the Kurdistan region and the rest of Iraq. ”

The Washington Post reported that “the leaders of the Kurdistan region tried to allay the fears of Iraqi officials and the Americans, and gave assurances that they do not intend to secede formally from Iraq, even though they are putting the basis for increased autonomy, where Kurdish official said a senior that independence is the ambition in the heart of every Kurd, But I have to be strategic. ”

It is said that a convergence tangible observed in the relations between Kurdistan and Turkey and the exchange of visits of officials of the latest visit by a delegation from the province headed by the Prime Minister of the Government of Kurdistan Barzani to Ankara was reached through a comprehensive agreement on energy includes licenses for oil and natural gas, and the establishment of a pipeline to transfer from Kurdistan Turkey.

This agreement is controversial, because the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government did not Thla مشكلتهما relating to revenue sharing and Baghdad considers unconstitutional and illegal.


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