Sources: Iraqi Budget may be up to parliament this week

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11/10/2013 12:00 AM


“Al-Sabah” informed sources sought Cabinet to send the general budget for the year 2014 to the House of Representatives this week.

in case arrived budget bill, the House of Representatives will have to cancel vacationing legislative even approving the budget.

Article (57) of the Constitution reads as follows: “The Council of Representatives session of the annual two legislative running for eight months, determines the rules of procedure of how to انعقادهما, not the end of season reconvene, who was the general budget only after approval” .

and sources confirmed that “the House of Representatives extended its work until the end of the official working day 17 of this month, and in the case reached the budget will be canceled holiday permanently until the adoption of law.”

comes at a time which he called for politicians to change the strategic work of the House of Representatives and activate the role of the regulatory and legislative framework for the period remaining and the last chapter of Omar parliament.

, and in this regard, through the MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati said in a statement the “morning”, “optimistic that attest stage the remaining life of the Parliament to pass important laws that serve the citizens and contribute to improving the situation of living for them.”

He Bayati said that “blocks the test and will work for reconciliation street and reap votes to support it, as it would be the motive electoral present.”

said al-Bayati said “extension of the legislative term and the abolition of the holiday depends on the arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives until 17 of this month, adding that the Presidency of the Parliament does not can cancel the holiday if it does not reach the budget to the House of Representatives because it is a constitutional violation. ”

predicted al-Bayati said witnessing the last chapter of the age of the House of Representatives pass laws that serve the citizens and contribute to improving the living conditions and focused discussions around such laws: “Retirement new unified, The salary scale, budget, and social security, “calling on the Presidency and the masses to stay away from the inclusion of laws contentious

and political characterized by بالمحاصصة that give rise to controversy and disruption of the work of Parliament legislature. “It was the religious authority in Najaf has called in his Friday sermon on the tongue of its representative Mr. Ahmed Net politicians to legislation important laws that affect the lives of citizens and get away from the busy campaigning and propaganda campaign early and disable the role of the House of Representatives for the completion of the message and the section which requires parliamentary service home for the last day of life the House of Representatives.

has also warned reference reflection of the reluctance of work in the legislative and executive branches on the general situation and the deterioration of services The rising tide of violence and security breaches repeated taking place in the country amid calls for the continuation of dialogues and develop practical solutions to get Iraq out of crisis., in turn, urged the National Alliance MP Salman al-Moussawi, the members of the House of Representatives to initiate and accelerate the adoption of social laws and services that contribute to improving the situation pension to the citizen.

Moussawi called for political blocs PAUSE serious to activate the legislative role of the House of Representatives, said in a statement the “morning”: that “there are a lot of laws service is disabled in the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and if it were approved, it will contribute to the removal of class differences larger between the people and the achievement of justice.

said MP said,” Among the most important of such legislation or laws law salary scale for staff, and the law Unified Retirement and Social Security, which took a long time for legislation alongside the budget next year. “member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman expressed his displeasure of the work of Parliament by saying : “The current session did not have a role, a quasi-Off because of political differences.”

Osman said “morning”, “The political decision has become the preserve of the leaders of the political blocs what the impact is clearly on the oversight role of the legislature of the Parliament and led to disrupt the work of the government” , stressing that “the continuation of crises and disputes the absence of national will may cause a continued state of paralysis, so it has to be consensus contribute to pass laws.”

and refer Followers recession that clouded the atmosphere of the House of Representatives to the political differences that led to the rooting differences in Parliament and disable its legislative and supervisory , although passed a number of laws, also carried the popular circles the House of Representatives responsible for the delay in the vote on important laws that affect the lives of citizens and try some of the blocks carried over to the next session, such as the infrastructure. ”

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