Economic Committee Member: political differences had a negative effect on the economic situation in the country

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11-11-2013 09:30 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Confirmed the decision of the Commission on economy and investment Deputy/Kurdish Alliance/mahma Khalil, the political differences among the parliamentary blocs impacted negatively on the overall economic situation in the country, warning of serious economic problems if the conflicts among politicians.

He said Khalil (News Agency): the deteriorating political situation were going astray on the various economic areas, through escape international pedigree of stock market kalankliset and America, what made the market stagnated.

He added: the political differences among the parliamentary blocs also affected the investment process and the arrival of local and foreign companies to invest, and contributed to the emigration of domestic capital abroad, in addition to being caused by the fluctuating dinar exchange rate against the dollar and influenced the work of the Central Bank.

Khalil warned of continuing differences and the intransigence of the blocks that has delayed adoption of the many important laws because it would not be ominous economic problems in the country.
This is the political scene in Iraq conflict between blocs led to delayed adoption of many laws and reluctance of the economic process in the country


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