Economist explains why Iraq’s full entry to WTO would be bad timing if done today

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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wtoAntoine: too early to put themselves under the World Trade Organization (WTO)

11/11/2013 14:12
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Take an economist Bassem Jamil Antoine that the time is still too early to Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization. said Antoine for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “Iraq is going the right way about the openness of the economy, but to join the WTO is not the right choice in this time, “he said, adding that” accession requires removal of subsidies on food and fuel and the imposition of customs tariffs on all imports and these things need to be a long time now Heta does not cause Iraq’s entry into the WTO overwhelm the economic situation of procedure. “

and added that “the way to Iraq Open There is no need to speed up the completion of the requirements and conditions for the entry of the Organization because Iraq will not benefit now of the advantages of accession given the decline in GDP and the adoption of the national economy on oil imports in the formulation of fiscal policy for the country.

” The World Trade Organization has demanded Iraq numbers, a new report provided to accession requirements it includes ten themes including oil and Supply, support and manufacturing.

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