Iraq delivers information to Kuwait on whereabouts of the remains of 30 missing soldiers

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Iraq, Kuwait provides a list of [30] a former officer believed possession of information for the remains of their nationals
Tuesday, October 12 2 / November 2013 19:39

Supplied by the Iraqi government of the State of Kuwait list of [30] officers were working in the security services during the former regime are believed to have information on the remains of Kuwaiti citizens were executed mass graves in Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, in his first report to the Security Council on Monday since he canceled as international coordinator Supreme for the fate of missing Kuwaitis and other nationalities and Kuwaiti property, “The Iraqi Human Rights Ministry investigated with a number of witnesses and people who are believed to be in possession of information In this regard, “explaining that” the Iraqi government has to provide Kuwait with a list containing the names of 30 former officers who are believed to be currently residing in other countries, “adding that” Kuwait is considering that list. ”

He explained moon said “a specialized team from the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry has operations research and extraction of the remains at the site quintiles in Dhi Qar province during the period from 29 last August to the first of the month of September last year and also during the period of 24 from the same month to the ninth of the month of October last . ”

The Secretary General of the United Nations that “the Kuwaiti families frustrated by the lack of progress is noteworthy to know the fate of Kuwaitis missing in Iraq since 2004,” at the same time urging the Iraqi authorities to “continue to search for the missing tasks and extract their remains.”

He pointed out, “We understand the disappointment felt by the families and I share the Kuwaiti families that did not know yet the fate of Mvcodeha due to the lack of concrete results for searches and Investigation of pain and grief.”

He added that “Kuwaiti officials point turn, disappointed by the failure to find so far, the remains of any missing Kuwaitis or nationals of other countries since 2004 as he to overcome the difficulty of obtaining certain information raises questions about the possibility of increasing bonuses reward for information about places and sites of mass graves” .

He said, “has re-visit many of the sites and photographed on the basis of new information in the presence of witnesses,” he said, adding that he was drilled about 450 hole lengths and depths of multiple, but he has not found any human remains, but the site is still classified as it is possible to exploit because of what happened it Kuwaitis earlier. ”

He praised Ban Ki-moon, “the efforts of mission tasks search and extract the remains of prisoners in Iraq and saw the need to continue in their efforts and urged at the same time the Iraqis at home and abroad who have the possession of information about the missing Kuwaitis and nationals of other countries to help the mission tasks of search and extract the remains of the prisoners so that the Mission locate the sites of mass graves and to achieve tangible results. ”

He also commended the Secretary-General of the United Nations, “the efforts of the members of the Tripartite Commission of the International Committee of the Red Cross which both Iraq and Kuwait and the forces of the coalition countries that have contributed to the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and the Technical Committee emanating from well-established and their contributions to the process in efforts to resolve the issue of missing Kuwaiti and other nationals of other countries,” .

He added that “his Special Representative for Political Affairs in the mission the task of aid to Iraq [UNAMI] Giorgi Bstnag who prepared the report stressed to his interlocutors Iraqis and Kuwaitis during his visit to both sides keen the UNAMI] to become an observer at the Tripartite Commission and its Technical emanating from it”

He noted “that while the members of the committee expressed the Kuwaiti prisoners of war and missing Affairs expressed concern over the potential politicization of the humanitarian issue of prisoners in the event of UNAMI observers became the Kuwaiti officials are looking forward to working closely with UNAMI.”

Regarding the issue of property and documents other Kuwaiti said Moon, “We are concerned about the lack of progress in this matter,” noting that “he was aware of the efforts Iraqi efforts to reach concrete results, including advertisements and observations while the search Iraqi Committee which coordinates searches on meeting more regularly in the search committees Kuwaiti and Iraqi joint work closely together and meeting on a regular basis. ”

“The Iraqi officials have suggested that is the second meeting of the Joint Committee on the sidelines of the third meeting of the Joint Ministerial Commission to be held in Kuwait in December next,” noting that “the Kuwaiti officials see the need for a meeting of the Joint Commission on the basis of quarterly ie once every three months” .

Ban said that “the Iraqi authorities often ask advice and support the UNAMI]” valuing at the same time “interest in participating in all the committees Iraqi In committees Kuwaiti – Iraqi joint property” stressing that “the determination of UNAMI promote, support and facilitate the efforts of the Iraqi government, which aims to re missing Kuwaitis and other nationals of other countries or their remains, in addition to the return of Kuwaiti property, including the Kuwaiti National Archives. ”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations at the end of his speech on “hope that the result of all the efforts and endeavors in close cooperation and support of all the parties concerned to reach positive results soon.”

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously last June on the transfer of the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait regarding missing Kuwaitis and stolen property to the UN mission to help [UNAMI] under Section VI of the UN Charter, and after that came out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII 27 of the same month.

Kuwait was decided on June 30 of last appointment described as one of the senior diplomats in the embassy in Iraq to follow up the issue of prisoners and Kuwaiti Mufcodean after the invasion of the former regime in 1990


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