15/11/2013 12:22
Deputy for the law is expected to approve the budget early next year
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} predicted MP for the coalition of state law were part of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Rikabi public approving the budget early next year if there were not a political or partisan differences or zonal thereon.

He said stirrup told {Euphrates News} on Friday that “the general budget of the country came to the House of Representatives early and Finance Committee parliamentary diagnosed notes many it, thus correcting these indicators should be through the back to the government in order to send the best way according to the opinion of the House of Representatives, and so returned to the government. ”

He added that “the House of Representatives did not enjoy days holiday legislature except for one month during the past four years and this is a violation of the constitution and the constitution approved vacation legislative every eight months holiday months.”

The Iraqi constitution stipulates that the parliament is obliged to complete the financial budget in If they arrive to the Council and to postpone holiday legislative term.

stressed stirrup that “Parliament was forced to give holiday legislature in order to prepare fully prepared to study the general budget of the country and leadeth them out as best for the Iraqi people.”

And that, “If there were not differences political, partisan or zonal Vstqr budget early next year.

was Iraqi Council of Representatives announced last Wednesday canceled its meeting for next Sunday announcing its entry into the holiday legislature after a delay of the government to send the financial budget.

was last year’s budget has been legislation in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance after intercepted them because of the salaries of the Peshmerga after a boycott of the meetings of the Council



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