Political differences over election law may create delays in passage of 2014 budget

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Financial budget for 2014 is within the electoral propaganda of the political blocs with chronic problems

16-11-2013 11:46 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/… Soon federal financial budget up to 2014, the House and the balance will differ from its predecessors, so confirm with towards the end of the current parliamentary session and upcoming parliamentary elections, each political bloc sought to provide their interests or the interest of their constituents in the financial budget, it will be loaded with the chronic problems that come with it every year.

In this context, the head of the Islamic Union parliamentary block MP/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Najib Abdullah, there are several reasons that will make next year’s budget is different from its predecessors, including the proximity of the parliamentary elections.

Abdullah said in statement (News Agency): the budget for 2014 would carry a lot of codecs needs seat time, for many reasons, saying: the first reason: lkorrbna from parliamentary elections, unfortunately the situation of political polarization will be more severe. Secondly: all that sends annual budgets in crisis and all chronic although most law discusses and presents a very good ideas to address these problems every year with the same problems.

He continued: III: delay the budget that the Government has not sent according to our information, there are problems not addressed seriously discussed and I think will last and when the House will be chronic problems, which would make the House is long and complex discussions.

For its part, the cluster member dialogue iraqiya MP for//meet pink, the financial budget will enter into political blocs papers though for people and not for the masses.

Pink said in a statement (News Agency): the balance sheet pressure will be among the political blocs webalakher funds and be a red line for the political blocks and distributed equally on its doors as serves citizens and be equal pressure, noting that scientific vote will be a very critical time because of legislative delays holiday by the Executive and not yet sent.

She said: we went on holiday to the House of representatives, the Council of Ministers was sent, and the Council would be better advised to vote in the previous meeting, but there is a deliberate negligence of the management of State funds.

With, the cluster member ‘ MP//inch, that political differences will increase the financial budget in 2014 by endorsement, to proximity of parliamentary elections.

In a statement, said an inch (News Agency): the former got budget differences and different views toward approval, and I got problems spawned fallout, the current budget would increase their differences because we are on the eve of the election, and each block you want to serve their constituents, adding: Unfortunately Iraq has become politicized, and there is now on the upcoming elections and the process.

The decision of the House of Mohammed Khaldi, announced that the Board select the 15th of this month, the deadline for receipt of draft general budget in 2014.

Khalidi said at a press conference: that the House would have the legislative recess if not up to the Council budget, Parliament constitutionally he should take a break since 15/10 but the speaker of the Parliament, as its powers extended to a month due to discussions of the electoral law


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