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17-11-2013 06:33 PM
Baghdad (news) .. denied the CBI, what some of the media, about the timing of the direct project restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros of them, stressing that such timing is Matrouh now that this project is in coordination with the government and related institutions . (more…)


Economy | 17-11-13 at 19: 33

a member of the parliamentary Finance Commission Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri, the Bank informed the Committee that he would try to raise zeros from the currency beginning in 2014. (more…)

13:00 17/11/2013
Central Bank has submitted to the Finance Committee zeros currency beginning of 2014

Told the Iraqi Central Bank, the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that he will try to raise zeros from the currency beginning in 2014.

Said committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri in a press statement that “the application of the decision to lift the zeros, will contribute significantly to reducing the monetary blocs to quarter, which coincides with the increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.” (more…)

Iraqi Central Bank, said Sunday that the timing of the restructuring of the currency and delete zeros which does not arise in the present.

The Bank said Payne received “tomorrow”, “the timing of the restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete zeros does not arise, because such a project through coordination with the Iraqi Government and related institutions,” dismissing “the draft restructuring of the currency next year and delete the three zeros.” (more…)

11/17/2013 11:35
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Take member of the Parliamentary Economic Commission MP Hassan Salman, Sunday, that the process of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency will strengthen the dinar and raise its value, stressing that the process will be completed during 2015. (more…)

Economy | 17-11-13 17: 44

Finance Committee MP/Kurdish Alliance/smart Najeeb, the new Central Bank issue bonds in dinars within the Bank’s policy to improve the value of the Iraqi currency against other currencies. (more…)