CBI: Timing of currency restructuring & deletion of zeros is insignificant at present time

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Iraqi Central Bank, said Sunday that the timing of the restructuring of the currency and delete zeros which does not arise in the present.

The Bank said Payne received “tomorrow”, “the timing of the restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete zeros does not arise, because such a project through coordination with the Iraqi Government and related institutions,” dismissing “the draft restructuring of the currency next year and delete the three zeros.”

The Bank promises to the public informed of any proceedings related to the sphere of responsibility of the subject “.

The Central Bank announced last year, would put up three categories after deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, the currency replacement will last two years, many economic experts that Iraq is not formatted to delete zeros from his dinar, stating that deletion requires political and security stability as well as economic stability.



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