CBI to stop the Bank of the Middle East with 12 other banks from participating in currency auctions

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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BAGHDAD / JD / .. Central Bank decided to deprive the bank of the Middle East and trade from entering the auction currency and the absence of serious measures to increase their capital.

The central bank said in a book entitled to a bank Middle East Iraqi investment and trade of Iraq, seen / JD / a copy of it: Decide حرمانكم from entering the auction currency (cash sales, credits, transfers) to the lack of serious action to increase Rasmalkm to the extent required.

The central bank had decided last month to exclude 12 banks waged from entering the auction currency (cash sales and appropriations and transfers) the failure of those banks to increase their capital to 250 billion dinars.

Also prevent banks excluded from opening branches or any expansion want banks to do until completion of the increase, as well as امهالها 4 months to complete the procedures to increase.



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