Maliki: Iraq, largest investment opportunity in the world; Upset Economic Reform Law unpassed

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Saturday, that Iraq is an investment opportunity largest in the world due to “sabotage all its facilities and infrastructure,” and criticized the Iraqi Council of Representatives “for refusing to vote on the law of economic reform”, as expressed astonishment of “insulting the government rather than praise its achievements”, he called on citizens to rationalization of energy consumption.

said Nuri al-Maliki in a speech during the opening ceremony of the third unit of the power station Zubaydiah in Wasit province, and attended (range Press), said that “this property strategic task that will be completed and give (2600) MW of electricity Iraq in addition to the other stations will end this crisis that we have lived with bitterness. ”

Maliki said that “many people say that we are, we can not and will not get one day to save electricity, and we are closer and we have achieved and are moving towards more electrical energy saving, not only of houses and services , but for the purposes of industrial and agricultural, “pointing out that” This achievement is a lesson shows that the efforts when the combine and put the government in mind the provision of electricity and collaborates officials and saved, they can achieve what they want to serve the people. ”

He Maliki expressed regret that “all the achievements of government on the way strong Iraq, not mentioned a thanks, “pointing out that” the government drove out the foreign forces and drove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and provided electricity, the economy and increased oil, as well as its role in improving political relations, but did not say one that the government has made ​​an achievement. ” He said al-Maliki that “It works wants to hear from others thanks and praise, not criticism destructive, but constructive criticism,” calling on citizens to “rationalize energy, especially electricity, and use it for necessities only.”

Maliki has promised that “Iraq is an investment opportunity largest in the world because of the destruction of all its facilities and infrastructure by the former regime, and the subsequent terrorist operations and sabotage, murder and destruction carried out by the militias, ”

In the same vein criticized Iraqi Prime Minister “omission of Parliament for the vote on the law of economic reform, despite his role in the development of the Iraqi economy, as happened with the law of structures infrastructure, “pointing out that” countries that do not have a theory of specific economic reform will not achieve economic stability desired. ”

The Iraqi Council of Representatives response in the 28 of October 2013, the Law of the infrastructure to the Council of Ministers, after the rejection of the political blocs to vote on the first paragraph of the Act and its amendments.


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