Maliki: We look forward to the contribution of British companies in building the new Iraq

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Through the sponsorship of the Business Forum and the Iraqi investment – British

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq possesses investment program and wide in all economic sectors, indicating that the country’s policy to increase oil production comes in response to the requirements of development under the possession of the elements of economic advancement.

came During his speech at the crossroads of business and investment Iraqi – British, who Collect the participants on the importance of creating economic development real in Iraq, relying on the expertise developed that can shorten the time and effort.

Maliki after he welcomed the delegations participating, which included the heads of specialized companies and heads of universities are better globally during the sponsorship of the conference, said: «the conference is the second of its kind after holding the first conference in 2009, which was the gateway to set up conferences in Britain and other countries», indicating that the participation of delegations companies and British universities is an important step on the road to activate the relations between the two sides.

, he said Iraq has the investment program and wide in all economic sectors, notably in the fields of energy, industry and agriculture, as well as the financial sector, thanking the British side on the initiative, which provides in the field of the health system that meets the need of health according to methods developed.

and follow-Maliki said «Forum comes at a time when we find where mobility and wide in the field of reconstruction and widely to repair the infrastructure destroyed by the policies of the former regime, which left debris in the country of goods and oil ».

pointed out that after addressing the Page terrorism, has emerged attention to construction and reconstruction, noting that the country’s policy to increase the oil comes in response to the requirements of development under the possession of the elements of economic advancement.

expressed Maliki expressed hope that interested in British companies to the implementation of strategic projects and infrastructure because of its expertise well-known, reliable, and wished the conference success.

thereafter, the President of the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji speech in which he said, that «The presence of more than 50 British companies in different disciplines leads us to discuss investment opportunities available with them, where there are great opportunities in the fields and industrial sectors, inter alia, chemical fertilizers and petrochemicals, as well as the agricultural sector and other fields. pointed to the importance of presence ten universities British mission in the world , where it can activate cooperation in this field, which will lead him to achieve great development of the reality of education in the country, adding that the focus will be on the housing sector and infrastructure in general, hoping in collaboration with British companies.

briefed the visiting delegation on the most prominent investment projects needed by the country and that can be done vigorously, especially after that came out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII with the approval of five-year plan for the years 2013 – 2017, which included the budgets of huge investment for reconstruction and construction.
mentions that the amounts allocated to the five-year plan is estimated at 357 billion dollars, 54 billion of which earmarked for Project Management executing unfinished from the past years.

Speaking Deputy British Ambassador Marx Bralson, was confirmed strengthen the economic capacity of Iraq, noting that the British government and companies keen to achieve partnership with Iraq, pointing out that the British side looking ways to cooperate with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and British companies had its effective participation in the Baghdad International Fair., and pointed out that the British government interested in theme of Islamic banking and is working to develop according to the principle established for.

Lama CEO of Business Council of Iraq – British Albarona Nalekson, has said that the council came companies British specialist and a number of universities with a good reputation worldwide for talks with Iraq to make a joint cooperation between the two sides back the economic viability of the parties to the process. This The president of the Federation of Iraqi Industries Hussein Zangana, that this conference represents an opportunity to discuss ways of cooperation with the British side in regards to the industrial sector, pointing to the existence of thousands of investment opportunities in the joint economic important.

called Zangana the government to realize the importance of the role of the private sector in economic development, where Pat is an important element in the dialogues of interest to economic reform, noting that the promotion of industrial production has an economic feasibility large in Iraq, especially since the next to dwell More than 170 million people represents a real market for many industrial products.


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