UN: Ban hopes improved Iraq-Kuwait ties will expand

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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20/11/2013 | 09:14 AM | Kuwait News

NEW YORK, Nov 20 (KUNA) — United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon late Tuesday expressed hope that the continued improvement in the Iraq-Kuwait relations would expand to include economic and cultural ties.

In his periodic report to the Security Council on the work of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Ban said he is “pleased with the continued improvement in relations” between the two countries, including Iraq’s allowing Kuwait to open consulates in Erbil and Basra.

“I hope that this improvement in bilateral relations will result in even greater confidence and stronger economic, commercial and cultural ties between the two countries,” Ban stated in his report.

He also expressed hope that this “positive development will lead to the improvement of Iraq’s relations with other neighbours in the interest of regional stability.” He expressed concern in this regard about the adverse humanitarian, security and political impact on Iraq caused by the conflict in Syria.

On the security situation in Iraq, Ban remains “deeply concerned by the resurgence of extremism and radicalization which threatens Iraq’s social cohesion and may disrupt the ongoing efforts for national reconciliation.” He said the security situation continued to worsen with almost daily attacks by terrorist and armed groups, resulting in forced displacement on sectarian and ethnic basis.

He noted that terrorist acts have increased in Iraq to “levels not seen since 2008,” compelling 5,000 Iraqis this year to join the 1.13 million internally displaced persons who fled their homes amid the 2006-208 sectarian violence.

He stressed the need to accelerate equitable political participation at the national and local levels, consolidate democratic processes and institutions, … , and foster economic development through job creation, delivery of services and fighting corruption.

The Council is scheduled to discuss Ban’s report next Monday



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