Bremer: Maliki asked U.S. to send ground troops to Iraq; admitted losing control

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – November 21 / November: detecting the civil governor Former Iraq Paul Bremer that “Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked during his recent visit to Washington to send ground troops U.S. back to Iraq after pleading not control the situation in his country, noting that the administration U.S. and promised to study the matter.

Bremer said during an interview televised pursued / Iraq Press /, “The relations between the United States and Iraq is not at the required level, and that the blame lies on both sides,” adding that “President Barack Obama committed a grave mistake when they withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq two years ago” .

He said Bremer that “the withdrawal of U.S. troops made us lose our influence in Iraq and leave the door open to enter the influence of Iran,” noting that “the creation of the repercussions in Iraq, one as Maliki said during his recent visit to Iraq is facing a growing challenge in the face of al Qaeda, which revived especially in the western regions Currently in key areas. ”

He added that “Iraq has the ability to deal with the influx of victory Front and other armed groups similar to the base in Syria to the Anbar province.”

He Bremer said that “al-Maliki raised during his recent visit Multi need to help the military, as I learned, Maliki asked the U.S. administration to get systems large military helicopters and Apache in addition to the military forces land”, pointing out that “the U.S. administration confirmed that it is ready to study the matter.”

Bremer criticized the way Prime Minister Maliki to “dealing with political partners and uniqueness management work in Iraq and unnecessary to take steps against the (Sunni Arabs) and the failure to reach an agreement with the Kurds.

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