Deputy Prime Minister for Energy: Iraq stands with the aspirations of the peoples in the area of ​​economic growth

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11/21/2013 0:00

During the conference statisticians Arab

said the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said Iraq stands by the aspirations of the Arab peoples in the field of development and economic growth, as explained Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that the level of Arab representation in the Arab statisticians fourth is the first After the Arab summit in Baghdad.

Shahristani said during the opening of the statisticians Arabs in Baghdad yesterday and attended by “morning” that Iraq stands by the Arab nations in the fields of development and economic progress, noting that the government is ready to cooperate with the Arab countries in all fields, because of its of the possibilities of the material and human.

added that the status of the overall development plans in Arab countries requires finding accurate statistical data mimic reality nor to propitiate the politician who stands no social currents and reflect the real situation in order to be able Rasim policy making plans to meet the basic needs of the society and the extent of its success, recommending at the same time all the statisticians participants in the conference to abide by neutrality complete survey information and give it to the administrators without a compliment.

pointed out that Baghdad had already set up conferences and meetings compiled by brothers Arabs and the rest of the international organizations to discuss ways of enhancing the Arab nation from the reality in which you live, explaining that the region and the Arab nations experiencing at the present time, major shifts At the political level, economic express the urgent need for the development plans of comprehensive development of Arab human, pointing out that the conference in Baghdad reflects the level of development of the statistical process in the Arab countries, stressing that Iraq is keen to be the work of the Central Bureau of Statistics professionally and neutral away from political influences.

of For his part, counting the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords on the sidelines of the conference of the “morning” the level of diplomatic representation to the Arab countries in the Arab statisticians former was after the Arab summit, noting that this representation confirms Go natural for the role of Iraq’s political, economic and specialist in the region, noting that the presence of Arab and foreign diverse indicated a vital subject of statistics and the importance of Baghdad in holding such a conference.

in the same effect, pointed Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri, the “morning” to provide the ministry full support for the conference through the reduction of travel cards aircraft and provide the appropriate environment for the participating delegations through transported back and forth by bus The cars of the ministry, pointing out that the conference is the phenomenon of civilized scientific fact that the Iraq of the first countries in the field of statistics and has a great experience and studies in this area.

embracing Baghdad Scientific Conference of the Fourth statisticians Arabs who began his work on Wednesday and lasts for two days under the banner of “demographic shifts and the role of statistics in the formulation of population policies “with the participation of 20 Arab and foreign countries.


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