CBI denies smuggling $800 million each week into Swiss Banks

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Central Bank denies smuggling 800 million dollars a week to the Swiss bank confirms: This information is source-Hashemi

27/11/2013 12:34
He denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, the existence of smuggling weekly from inside Iraq to the Swiss banks, and confirmed that the statements Relations Committee Chairman European with Iraq on this subject “baseless and taken from the former Vice-President and sentenced to death Tareq al-Hashemi.”

According to a statement to the CBI received (range Press) a copy of it, that “some of the media picked up the statements Relations Committee Chairman European with Iraq in Iraq Strauss Stephenson, on the smuggling of 800 million role each week from Iraq to Swiss banks and that aware of them from reliable sources was Deputy former President Tareq al-Hashemi sentenced to death. ”

The statement added that “the central bank denies these statements denied” categorically asserts that it is baseless, “pointing out that” monetary policy is clear and explicit and far from the operations. ”

The CBI said in (November 24, 2013) seeks to amend the banking laws, including the proportion to the current situation, and pointed out that the money laundering law the most prominent laws that seek to modify it, while stressing that going to play a developmental role of the Iraqi economy.


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