Iraq participates in the meeting of the Arab Economic Committee

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11/27/2013 0:00

Cairo – Isra Khalifa
with the participation of Iraq start of the Arab Committee concerned to follow-up and preparation for the tops of the Arab economic and social development of its second meeting on Thursday at the level of senior officials to discuss several important economic issues.

source said Arab League official said the meeting will discuss the emergency program for food security of the Arab, and the Customs Union, and water security , and the role of the private sector in supporting joint Arab action, and linkage project sea, and development projects to support the steadfastness of Jerusalem, in addition to the report of the Secretary-General of the Arab League about the follow-up implementation of the decisions of the Summit development in its first session in Kuwait during the month of January 2009 and its second in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2011 and third in Riyadh in 2013 on economic issues, and the global financial crisis and its repercussions on Arab economies, and the Arab electricity interconnection projects, and the outline of Arab land link rail. source pointed out that he will also discuss the Saudi initiative to support the Arab financial institutions and joint-stock companies, and hosting of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the project Arab Stock common, and strategic development of renewable energy applications, and investment.

source pointed out that it will be discussed a proposed schedule for future meetings of the Committee on follow-up and preparation for the tops of the Arab economic and social development at the level of senior officials and ministerial-level implementation of the decision cycle 92 of the Economic and Social Council in September the past.

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