Expert: Iraq’s annual per capita income well compared to regional countries

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11/30/2013 0:00

He stressed that contrary to the rate of inflation
Baghdad – Farah pumice counting an economist that the rate of per capita income of the value of gross domestic product, well compared to neighboring countries, but he stressed that he does not constitute a satisfactory ratio in the community because of the high rates of inflation in recent years. indicated that the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said at the Fourth Scientific Conference of the statisticians Arabs held in Baghdad that the per capita GDP went up to 6000 dollars a year after it was a thousand dollars.

said economic expert Hilal Taan in his speech (morning) he “Because of the high rates of inflation in Iraq has begun this ratio eroded in recent years, especially that Iraq has more than 3 million employees and more than two and a half million retired”, adding that he (annual income) object with the poverty rate in Iraq, according to statistics The Ministry of Planning, which refers to 23 percent is equivalent to seven million Iraqis are still below the poverty line. indicate surveys and the Ministry of Planning that the unemployment rate for adults aged 15 years and over has reached in the year 2012 (11.9) percent, where the recorded unemployment rates higher among families whose size (10) members in terms of (15.0) percent compared to the categories of the size of other families, while it was in the year 2004.35 percent and fell to 18 percent until the year 2008, to settle at 15 percent in 2010.

saw Taan that this ratio inconsistent with the unemployment rate in the country and that (unemployment) have been processed in Iraq wrong by appointment Angels state departments, urging that are activating the private sector and support through the allocation of the necessary funds to re-run it, and thereby eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment, especially that it has increased the proportion of the investment budget for the year coming in 2014 to up to 39 percent compared to 61 percent of operational, but the rates of completion of projects do not achieve only 40 percent of the value of the investment budget.

noted that recent statistics indicate that the average monthly household income recipient was (1312.9) thousand dinars, and the average household income ratio of prices Market (1597.1) thousand dinars a month, while the average monthly per capita income of the recipient (195.1) thousand dinars, and the average monthly per capita income at market prices (237.4) thousand dinars.


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