CBI Auction Statistics: last month, selling $ 3.8 billion and sales of 4 months amounted to about 16 billion dollars

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Sunday, 01 November / 1 December 2013 07:05

According to statistics prepared by all of Iraq [where] that dollar sales at the central bank auction last month rose in November for auction sales in October.

Amounted to dollar sales in the month of November 3 billion and 803.691 million compared to $ two billion and 191 million and 456 000 dollars in October while sales were during the month of September 5 billion and 275 million and 645 000 dollars in the month of August 4 billion and 563 million and 751 000 dollars.

Thus, the central bank has sold at auction during the last four months 15 billion and 834 million and 543 000 dollars to achieve that without a rise in the price of the Iraqi dinar in the local markets.

According to central bank data daily, these huge sums sold a stable exchange rate is 1166 dinars per dollar, while sold the dollar in the market at about 1220 dinars to the dollar, which means that buyers if they have sold the currency purchased from the central bank may have received the benefit of 54 dinars per dollar.

The Iraqi central bank held an auction of six sessions per week for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, starting from Saturday to Thursday and held during the month of November 22 hearing against 21 in October and 26 in September

The highest sale amount in a single day during the month of November in an auction on Monday, November 25 when the sale of 271 million and 897 000 dollars and is one of 8 days in which sales exceeded $ 200 million.



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