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Iraq announced to find the [236] missing Kuwaitis have been buried in the Iraqi territory after the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in 1990.

A statement of the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for its minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese say, “It’s with regard to the missing file Iraqi and Kuwaiti ministry is the implementation of the memoranda of understanding signed between Iraq and Kuwait in 1991 formed a tripartite committee origin of the technical sub-committee aimed Find Iraqis and Kuwaitis missing since the Kuwaiti side presented a list of [609] missing Kuwaitis and contrast the Iraqi side presented a list of [5864] missing Iraqis. “

The Sudanese “It is work to determine the fate of the missing Iraqis according to the mechanics, including information that is not obtained by the witnesses whether the Iraqis whom or Kuwaitis, where the shrinking number of missing Iraqis to [5650] is missing and Kuwaitis to [373] is missing after they were found [236 [missing Kuwaitis buried inside Iraqi territory, “adding that” for a special ministerial committee to investigate and search for the remains of missing Kuwaitis and Iraqis have been formed comprising representatives of the security agencies aimed at gathering information through their sources. ”

The Minister of Human Rights, said “The ministry also adopted on maps and GPS data for landfills supposed inside Iraqi territory by each of Kuwait, Britain and the United States of America] participants in a business committees Tripartite Commission and its Technical Sub The Ministry also publishes advertisements either through the newspapers or through its offices in provinces called on the residents who have information about the missing Kuwaitis, Iraqis or for the purpose of submitting to the ministries or offices. ”

And went on Sudan, saying “either on the file of prisoners and missing Iraqis and Iranians, and after that by the Ministry of Human Rights responsibility of this file for the purpose of clinching signed with the Iranian side memoranda of understanding in 2008 determined under the rules of procedure for dealing with these files has been achieved Bmujbehma closing a lot of files of prisoners on both sides and in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross is still ministry continues to pursue the fate of the [167] Iraqi prisoners have not resolved their files until the present time. ”

And “As regards the missing Iraqis are classified into missing with evidence and witnesses’s [582] missing information was available about them by prisoners returning or media or their parents indicate their presence in Iran conducts ministry is currently searching for them in coordination with the Iranian side and under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross The Other Red Category understand Missing in general and the number [52758] missing being sought in the same way in addition to the above drilling joint venture with the Iranian side in the breakers, where military operations were lifted [1218] remains of up to 11.17.2013 and are distributed on the [756] the remains of the Iraqis, among them [126] identity information and [462] remains of Iranians among them [181] identity information. ”

Kuwait appointed on 30 June last and described one senior diplomats in the embassy in Iraq to follow up on the issue of Kuwaiti prisoners and Mufcodean after the invasion of the former regime in 1990.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said in 11 of the last month in his first report to the Security Council since he canceled the post of coordinator of international top for the fate of missing Kuwaitis and other nationals and Kuwaiti property that “Kuwaiti families frustrated by the lack of progress in know the fate of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq since 2004, “at the same time urging the Iraqi authorities to” continue to search for missing assignments and extract their remains. ”

He pointed to the moon, “We understand the disappointment felt by the families of Kuwaiti and share with families that did not know yet the fate of Mvcodeha because of the lack of concrete results for searches and Investigation of pain and grief.”

He said the Secretary-General of the United Nations that “Kuwaiti officials point out, in turn, disappointed by the failure to find so far, the remains of a missing Kuwaiti or nationals of other countries since 2004, as he was to overcome the difficulty of obtaining certain information raises questions about the possibility of increasing bonuses reward for information about places The mass grave sites. ”

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously last June on the transfer of the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait regarding the Kuwaiti missing persons and stolen property to the UN mission to help [UNAMI] under Chapter VI of the UN Charter, and after that came out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII in 27 of the same month. ended.

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