Economy parliamentary reveal signatures collected for re-law of economic reform to parliament and vote on it

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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A member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, Hussein Mura’bi collecting signatures to bring the law of economic reform to the House of Representatives and vote on it, pointing out that “the response of this law before Parliament was not true.”

He Mura’bi Euphrates {} “We collected the signatures and the process of re-law of the new economic reform to the House of Representatives and the vote and passed in a way serving the march of economic and because it contains a great benefit to organize the economic process in Iraq.”

“The response of this Act by the House of Representatives is not true because the Economic Commission has not given an adequate opportunity to explain it to the members of Parliament, as the topic has been rapid and the Committee of the economy left the place was supposed to keep the Committee is conveniently answer the questions and queries and then vote on the law An in principle. ”

The House of Representatives has rejected the second of November last bill of economic reform and decided to bring it back to the government to amend it.

Mentioning that the cabinet had approved in the {13} last August on a bill of economic reform federal.

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