Iraq tops the “most corrupt” in the world for the tenth consecutive year

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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03 DECEMBER 2013

transparency international, unveiled Tuesday, in its annual report on the most corrupt countries in the world, that Iraq still top the most corrupt States in addition to Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Syria; out of 177 countries, with the two States Denmark and New Zealand are the least corrupt.

altCorruption index, ranks States according to levels of public sector corruption list 177 where the State is most corrupt and least corrupt place first place.

The organization said, according to Reuters report, followed up by “Twilight”, “all of Iraq, Somalia, the Sudan, Libya and Syria are among the 10 most corrupt in the world according to the corruption index of transparency international to 2013”, indicating that “Denmark and New Zealand in first and second place among 177 countries in the indicator list that is attributed to corruption in the public sector where it was.”

She said that Finland and Sweden jointly in third place for the least corrupt and most fair while struck Norway in fifth place.

And I followed, “Germany in 12th place for advancing one status in 2012 in Japan slipped a step backward for the 18th Center”, noting the position of the United States and China is unchanged from last year’s list that ran in the United States and China Centre 80.

The corruption in the institutions of the Iraqi State is exacerbated by an upward since 2003 and all attempts have failed, says the Iraqi Government has taken to eradicate what led to the collapse of infrastructure, and the failure of most of the projects that have been posted, particularly in the area of services, the specialists to the survival of Iraqi Government corruption directly affects people’s lives, it also provides a fertile environment for armed violence and sustain operations.


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