Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region approaching an agreement on the sharing of oil revenues

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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despite sought by the Iraqi government to throw the ball in the stadiums Turkish and Kurdish on the issue of export of oil from the Kurdistan region through a special tube, the recriminations still persists between the two parties.

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, who concluded an agreement with Baghdad necessary government not to conclude any agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the export of oil without the knowledge of the Iraqi government, announced yesterday that from Erbil «Kurdistan region of Iraq has come to an agreement on energy with the central government in Baghdad this month».

Yildiz, who tells him a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Mohamed Taha told the «Middle East» that «the beginning of the Iraqi constitution is much better than some of our representatives who make statements without the knowledge of what he says the Constitution in this regard», tried to re-throw the ball in the stadiums government in Baghdad and the Kurds in Irbil in an attempt to be Turkey’s share net agreement of the parties, without a tendency to party at the expense of another.

was Iraq, and according to the announcement «Middle East» Faisal Abdullah, director of the Office of Hussein al-Shahristani, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, has refused to « a proposal to Turkey to form a tripartite committee to resolve the problem of the agreement between Ankara and Baghdad and Erbil », stressing that« the Iraqi government agrees to form a bilateral committee of Iraqi – Turkish comprising representatives of the Kurdistan region ».

For his part, stressed the official spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad told the « Middle East »that« Iraq informed the Turkish side agreed to export any quantity of oil from the Kurdistan region, but according to the criteria approved by the Federal Ministry of Oil and cross-company (SOMO) exclusively ». In response to a question about comments by Turkish minister in Erbil yesterday on expectation reach Baghdad and Erbil agreement on oil during this month, Jihad said that «any agreement can not be conducted without taking into consideration the following key points;: first the approval of the central government. Secondly supervision Company (SOMO). And thirdly that the quantity to be known through the counters and clear and go revenue to the Development Fund for Iraq and not to fund Turkish government, because of Iraq’s international obligations even if it came out of Chapter VII », pointing out that« the proportion of these funds are deducted for the Kuwait and some of the creditors, and the remaining goes to the central treasury and then distributed equally according to the constitution ».

response to a question on the nature of the representation of the Kurdistan region in the bilateral committee approved after Baghdad’s refusal of the proposed Turkish formation of a tripartite committee, Jihad said that «the Commission could include technical part of the Government of the Territory is not more », adding that« the central government will not waive any of these criteria, under any circumstances, which have been informed of the Turkish side », warning at the same time that« any order contrary to what was agreed upon with the Turkish side, it will be the government’s position Last, which was expressed by Mr. Shahristani whether to hand the Turks or brothers in the Kurdistan region ».

, but Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul-Karim and coffee seemed more lenient in his statements in Vienna on this subject; when he said, according to the agency «Reuters», that «there is no issues », adding that« technical discussions trilogy »will take place within a few days to agree on the details on sharing oil revenues with the Kurds.

, said, Shwan Mohammed Taha, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, told the «Middle East» «statements we hear lately from some executives and some deputies of the State of Law coalition (led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) exclusively, but is an attempt to play on the water early elections and gain the votes even if it is at the expense of the national interest of the Iraqi people ». Taha said that «what we now fear is that going to undo the democratic process, especially with the continued interpretation of the Constitution in accordance with what he wants one party to the extent where they are have called the central government, while the name the federal government, because there are territories federal and provinces without a centralized management», He pointed out that «there is a determination by the government not to enact a law of oil and gas in order to keep interpret the Constitution as they wish, not to mention as a double standard in the framework of the laws, as everything related to the economic aspect of using the laws of the former regime, while the political side used their own laws ablation and exclusion ».

Asked about assertions Turkish minister Ptousel Baghdad and Erbil to oil deal this month, Taha said that «the Turkish minister knows the constitution better than many of the House of Representatives. As I would like to point out that they were accuse us off oil exports and cause great losses to the budget, and here are the same (in reference to al-Shahristani, and members of the state law) stands against the export of oil and non-payment of dues international oil companies ».


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