United Bank For Investment is the First Step In The Way Of International Cooperation With The Iraqi Private Banks.

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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On December 4, 2013

Amman: Iraq News Network – to coincide with the entry of the United Bank for Investment twentieth year in the Financial Action Task Force and the banking and the culmination of his activities and his outstanding efforts in establishing the rules of transparency pursued by the performance and mutations great achievements in the development of his work and its potential and intention sincere in contributing to the support and financing of economic development in all sectors

and particularly in the services and for being one of the leading banks in Iraq and after studies lasted for more than six months with the International Finance Corporation ( IFC ) of the World Bank and through check all acts of the bank has been the signing of a cooperation agreement with the International Foundation for the purpose of improving the implementation of the bank and increase its potential for a period of three years where this agreement aims to check the availability of the capacity and capabilities required at United Bank for Investment for the purpose of absorbing more business opportunities through the expansion of its agents of Iraqi companies and banking services offered by leading her to create an economic climate activist and effective.

It also supports the agreement efforts the bank in expanding the network of customers and reduce commissions established for the purpose of the development of its business and also contribute in building the capacity of the bank and promote the viability of its business as reflected in the impact of this agreement and clearly on the Iraqi banking sector, which will give the United Bank for Investment head start in the application of the transformation process and follow the best practices Global Banking.

Also included an agreement by the institution granting the bank roof funding for the purpose of opening letters of credit of State and open the gate for the bank to more than 250 bank around the world, which enhances the possibility of the bank in supporting and financing foreign trade customers. Will support this agreement also building program, regulatory and institutional framework applied by the bank in the provision of services corporate banking business and businessmen in Iraq and including small and medium businesses.



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