Economist criticizes CBI’s decision to print new currency notes

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Economic criticizing the central bank to print Banknotes is solid
04/12/2013 10:50
BAGHDAD / Source News / .. Economic expert criticized Jalal teller, Wednesday, the central bank to print banknotes is solid or solid, although it is printed in Britain.

He told the teller / Source News / “The current currency Almtdolh is solid or solid even though it is printed in Britain and the Central Bank of Iraq is responsible for that.”

“The central bank is trying to avoid damage to the Securities pull through small groups shattered and replaced again and this failed to hold,” saying that “this process cost the country large sums of money if the currency is good what draws so quickly.”

He pointed out that “foreign currencies remain for decades without damage because of Rsantha,” pointing at the same time “the need to be a new paper currency, which will be printed in one of the European countries more durable than the previous.”

The phenomenon has become torn paper currency a source of concern and a nuisance to the various segments of society, most notably low-income families because of the pose of the suffering in the daily dealings different.


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