Office of Financial Supervision questioning the rank of developed within Iraq of most corrupt countries in the world

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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05/12/2013 – 15:15

Questioned Supreme Audit report of Transparency International, which put Iraq in an advanced rank among the most corrupt countries in the world, calling for the organization to conduct surveys to get out accurate indicators of the occupation of Iraq an advanced rank among the most corrupt countries in the world,

according to Transparency International, was met with cold fast from the Audit Court, which confirmed that the organization has not conducted a survey in Iraq years ago Abdel Basset Turki \ President of Supreme Audit: We are not against the existence of statistics we are with the presence of the vital statistics for the construction of decisions, but the organization has the Notes formed outside the normal range of the organization,

the organization requires that take place from 3 to 4 surveys inside Iraq and in previous years has not conducted any survey on the Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers: BSA has a reservation on the indicators that advertises by some organizations and even international organizations have a reservation also on these indicators, the province of Baghdad believes that the weakness regulatory agencies has led to widespread corruption,

noting that there are large projects need to control and monitor Riad dentex head of the Baghdad Provincial Council: With the expansion of Iraq’s imports of oil and other become very large numbers did not expand regulatory authorities in accordance with this expansion Elly exists was supposed watchdogs in the Office of Alrkah Finance to be a double and was TI has announced two days ago, in its annual report for the year two thousand and thirteen for the occupation of Iraq an advanced rank among the most corrupt countries, something that was met with skepticism from the Office of Financial Supervision Organization, which called for the need to conduct surveys graduated indicators are correct

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