Next Iraqi election should be all about the economy, not about politics – Group of economic experts agree

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Specialists: the next election programs must be economical to activate the role of the private sector and economic development in the country

Collect experts in economic affairs programs to be fully forthcoming election economic and not political programs or parties rely on different nationalities and religions, stressing the need to activate the role of the private sector in the promotion of the country’s economy.

The head of the Association of Industrial assembly Abdul Hassan Shammari (citizen) “All the political blocs on the upcoming parliamentary elections and the dependence of economic programs aimed at activating the role of the private sector and not political programs in order to determine the fate of the voters over the next four years.

Shammari explained that “the private sector depends on the trade and that the Iraqi budget must be by a high proportion of the Iraqi economy and Iraqi industry and agriculture, should not be the only consumer Habo We must be people of a product.”

Shammari stressed that Iraq has unemployment exceeding 20% ​​and the poverty exceeds 20% of these figures are terrifying global economy, in addition to the corresponding Iraqi budget is so huge, but he also said that oil resources are not exploited properly in order to build the Iraqi economy and infrastructure. “The industrial cities, towns and completely neglected this big mistake of the state must be the first industrial cities are the eyes of the Iraqis because they are providing hard currency to the Iraqi budget through domestic production through export in the future.

He called Al-Shammari programs to be all political parties in order to build economic Iraqi economy, especially industry, agriculture and tourism because it is bulky programs come from this section and thus post the budget, just like the Iraqi oil resources that have occurred on the scourge of Iraq.

He stressed that the provision of job opportunities for the unemployed lead to provide security to the Iraqis and the eradication of poverty if the state allocated five billion for the year 2014 are sufficient to eliminate the housing crisis and lead to the eradication of poverty and five billion to economic sectors and support loans and building national industries and these loans are interest-free.

The economist said Majid picture (citizen) .. that activating the private sector must rely on policies and mechanisms for clear and explicit in the process of the private sector must distinguish between economic sectors and the productive sectors so far being the development of the commercial sector and economic activity, called the economic activities in the light of the issue of private sector development.

The picture “The private sector needs to be an integrated policy in relation to the insurance services crisis for the sector, the most important topic of electricity and other infrastructure in order to work on providing the right climate of production and reduce the cost in addition to that it is essential that there be legislation suitable for the work of the private sector tax payments and encourage the transition phase must be no integrated policy to encourage the private sector.

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