Decline in the economy of the Kurdistan region because of the unstable security situation

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Union announced the production in the Kurdistan region that the unstable security situation in Kurdistan impacted heavily on the economy represented by buying and selling, import and export.

He said the Federation of production in Kurdistan, in a statement received by the Euphrates {} copy of it on Sunday that “the violence and the phenomenon of murder and suicide have increased in the past few months in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, especially in Sulaymaniyah and most recently the murder of journalist Kaveh Ckramaani, which led to the instability of the security situation in the Kurdistan region.

The student union production “in Kurdistan security agencies to provide security conditions stable and preservation of the lives of citizens.

The Kurdistan Region has witnessed terrorist acts was the explosion of several car bombs in Arbil, and the explosion of sticky bombs on the two officers in the rank of brigadier general, and the recent martyrdom of Sulaimaniya journalist Kaveh Ckramaani last Thursday by unknown gunmen in Kalar


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