After poll: Citizens favor deletion of zeros; say it eliminates fraud and supports economy

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Delete the zeros .. Eliminate fraud and to support the national economy

Continuous attempts to reach a final agreement between the parties that hold the reins of financial matters in the country in regards to the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, which is much talk about since approximately two years, but the issue is exposed each time to criticism and rejection of before parties may be controlling the flow of currency in the country, but the CBI Boukbraúh seeks to resolving the issue and come to a good investigator for the hopes of not disappointing to the aspirations of the people who always sought to avoid entering into economic crises Other may Tnhechm.

tomorrow Press” met with citizens They had different views about the lifting of the zeroes from the Iraqi currency, and also polled specialists in economic affairs, to see the pros and cons of such a move on the Iraqi citizens and the country’s economy in general.

Concerted efforts lead to positive results, says Abbas Haider of the people of the district of Cairo, for “tomorrow Press , “that” Iraq needs concerted efforts in order to get economic structure sober make it a kiss for all the world, and also needs to enact laws that would raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, which aired between the gene and the other because of the events that beset the country. adds, “can not be that remains the economic situation depends on what the country is living, but presumably the government agencies that make specialists in the field of economy and finance, both by its location so as not to be there any loophole through which occur an imbalance in the face of economic year for the country.

” We need a monetary policy reality show Alaa Mohammed, working in one of the money transfer companies, said that “many of the things that may begrudge others it will turn factors of living of the citizen, is incorrect because the currency will not change and will not be pumping classes and paper other than existing.” asserts Alaa said “wants the relevant authorities, it should , said the plan, a new strategy for the elimination of inflation happening in the country and also attribute observers every time it’s because of the lack of policy fact cash make Mjmtana rise and up to the summit.

” its effects positive in the long term and indicate Isra Kazim, a government employee, said that ” the situation that prevailed in the country may be inhibitor President to implement projects vital and important, but that the citizen is always the victim Seen counterfeit currency is illegal, so determining the currency and the removal of Asfarha may not result in the recovery of one hundred percent, but will have good effects in the long run. wondered Isra , “the deletion of zeros from the currency you will limit the deployment of categories of paper counterfeit fill the country, which does not know the source of funding, many things are now haunted by everyone because of the effects of economic hardship on the general situation of the country, which everyone dreams Bswalh soon

goals sound adopt brick communities He adds Riad Al Sayed, an employee in the Ministry of Finance, said that “to revive the currency either delete Asfarha or keeping it, may not unlike something on the ordinary citizen, The difference lies in the political state and plans, nations of the world are trying every year and various ways to revive the energies of its citizens and its staff by providing them with the suitable up to everyone to achieve the goals of sound to build communities and keep Rsantha.

” Possess energies Maevouk other stresses economics professor at the University of Baghdad, Fawzi Ahmed said that “the plans by the state may not meet the ambitious wishes of ordinary citizens, if we want to apply a portion of what applied by other countries in terms of the transition from nothingness to existence, for we have seen that we have the staff and infrastructure and wealth of factors make us the most expensive countries in the world, in all aspects, and we look forward to be the removal of zeros from the currency by about building the foundations of true economy better.

” lack of vision of the truth of the project and explains economic expert Majid My for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “the political situation dominated by structuring currency, that if there were conflicting statements, they will affect the currency for this it is necessary to prevent these conflicts to be a party and a partner in the general framework for the trading of banknotes in the country.” refers My that “the central may prepares formerly of structuring currency, but the intervention of politicians and lack of vision in particular prevented implementation of the project, which continues to prepare him more than two years after ending the crisis spread some counterfeit currency.

” differing views make it in progress and shows a member of the Economic Commission MP Hassan Salman for “tomorrow Press” that “raise the value of the zeros from the Iraqi currency raises the value of the dinar and makes it more heavily traded in and outside Iraq, and the whole process is supposed them to be completed during 2015.” He continues, Salman “There are countries that have fought the process of lifting the zeros and achieved success in the side Economic let alone that he would strengthen the dinar and raise the value of which collapsed because of what we are experiencing on a daily basis.

” says the CBI in a statement received “tomorrow Press”, “The timing of the restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete the zeros not on the cards now, because such a project is done through coordination with the Iraqi government and its relevant institutions, “denying” direct project restructuring currency next year and deleting three zeros from them. ” and had previously declared Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul-Basit Turki said that “the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency is not on the table now and circumstance inappropriate,” noting “The bank will announce early to the public when it decided to delete the zeros, as the justification for continuing failure to delete the list until now.”

The Iraqi government has decided to remove the zeros from the Iraqi currency, despite warnings from specialists and differing opinions of their futility, for the time being, not to mention the concern of citizens, including shapers of their currency current, remain competent authorities from time to time declare that the project will be implemented soon, and can not hide, that Iraq needs to be a quantum leap task in the field of economy, investment and currency tumbled against other currencies, and access real recovery in all areas, needs to achieve goals Everyone aspires to it, through the work plan and clearly defined public to promote the reality of the Iraqi state.


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