Economic Committee Member: 2014 budget money will go to waste if we stayed on the old style did not go to a market economy

Posted: December 14, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Committee warned the economy and investment representative of wasting money the federal fiscal budget for next year in case of staying on the old style in running things, and stressed the need to go to a market economy and dependence on investment and the private sector.

A member of the Committee MP Salman al-Moussawi told {Euphrates News} that “all things conducive to the economic renaissance in the country, but we just need to develop a clear strategy, especially as the country is rich in human and natural expertise and market promising, and we just need to put our feet on the road correct, the answer to the question .. Are we with the economy the former totalitarian or a market economy, which we call him, the Constitution is clear in this regard. “

said the parliamentarian Musawi “supposed to go to a market economy, where there is no economic experiment successful in the world, but the Oraúha the private sector is not the way optimal for the elimination of financial and administrative corruption, but by reducing government spending and to go to private and corporate investment and financing methods different. ” added al-Moussawi, “We visited a lot of countries, especially near the experience of economic success, including Iran, where there is no government spending and all the projects implemented through investment. ”

he stressed, “will go funds budget in 2014, which amounted to 154 billion dollars in vain if we stayed on the old style did not go to a market economy and the trend to reduce government spending and relying on the local private sector and foreign investment in the implementation of strategic projects Browns infrastructure and housing projects and the development of local industry, agriculture and tourism, and thus increase the Djulatna and not rely on income and one which is oil. ”

and seal member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Salman al-Moussawi said, “Thought is present in everyone seeks to develop the country’s economy, but that Athoil thought into reality.” is Federal financial budget for next year is the largest in the history of the country, where the 154 billion dollars allocated the bulk of them operating in a budget while economists argue the need to give attention to the biggest investment side to ensure the rotation of the wheel of life and different projects.


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