Conference for the demarcation of the maritime border with Kuwait and Iran

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Nasraoui visit Saudi Arabia after Kuwait .. Basra is seeking to attract investment
Basra – Saad Al-Sammak

revealed the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui closely conference for the demarcation of the maritime border and set up buoys with both Kuwait and Iran, according to the laws of the hybrid. comes at a time when it was announced Nasraoui closely to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the prospects of investment after the visit was described as ” Successful “of Kuwait. said the governor of Basra in a statement the” morning “, that” the conference will be held a special demarcation of the border and set up buoys marine accordance with the laws internationalism to end stage Altharb and tension in the North Arabian Gulf and to strengthen the national economy. “

promised Nasraoui Conference victory for the voice of the wise In those countries, the voices of extremism, international relations, noting that the international policy-making would the central government., and continued: “The conference is held in preparation for holding conferences later at the level of ambassadors and foreign ministers to sign the Convention on the demarcation of the border,” noting that “the next meeting will be at the level of the leaders of the border and technical specialists with international law of the countries combined, while the conference will be held subsequent to the ambassadorial level to establish the terms of the agreements to be signed by the foreign ministers. “and called Nasraoui” the governments of the neighboring countries adjacent to the borders of Basra (Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia) that are located within the Millennium Development Triangle (GCC) to help their countries to support their economic security, social and competitive economic centers of the world. ”

and see the governor said “the impact of economic relations in the country will be greater than the impact of political relations.”

In the meantime, it was revealed in the province of Basra for the visit of a delegation border military senior officers ports in Kuwait to lead the border guards of the region Fourth in the presence of the commander of the border guards at the Interior Ministry. visit and resulted in the signing of the minutes of security measures to enhance border security and facilitate the passage of visitors between the two countries in the port Safwan, also said “morning” the commander of the Fourth Brigade Guard region wise Jassim.


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