Experts: Iraq and Kuwait that could mark a major economic power

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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because of the enormous potential and raw materials and geographical location to Iraq and Kuwait, experts found the possibility of the country a major economic power in the region.

According to the economic expert Tawfik inhibitor, there is a possibility of that, despite his assertion that it requires time and effort. said Mani told (morning): “We must give equal opportunities between the two countries, because Kuwait had previously offered several industrial projects in Iraq.

projects have failed to materialize and pointed inhibitor that these projects are summarized in the “Sort multimodal transportation and launch transit of any transit system , pipeline gas and crude oil for export from the Mina al-Ahmadi Kuwait, to participate in the management of land transport, sea, and air ports as a joint venture, investment and development of agricultural land for the production of crops, dairy products and meat, “noting that these projects have failed to materialize so far.

Passes Iraq and Kuwait golden period of relations, especially after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and an end to their differences. routine obstacle to investment and stressed inhibitor on the importance of the entry Kuwaiti projects for Iraq and the contribution of investors, noting that there is a great desire for the investor and trader and industrial Kuwait to work in Iraq, but they face routine measures stand in front of these investments remain. , and the expert said that everyone seeks to enter the Iraqi market, as the return on capital which is high, as well as profits, in particular that Iraq needs capital to begin to walk in the footsteps of construction and reconstruction, investment and the primary must be given to neighboring countries, provided that be working on the basis of equal opportunity, and the joint work to achieve mutual benefits and interests, urging to facilitate the task of the entry of investors, and encourage and support them to work together. ”

Basra and the capital revealed inhibitor visit ended the recent governor of Basra to Kuwait, because he confirmed that there is an idea of the possibility of working joint participation with Kuwaiti companies and the Iraqi private sector and even conservative circles, by attracting foreign capital. felt that the development of economic relations between Iraq and Kuwait will contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy and reduce unemployment by providing jobs and creating investment opportunities, medium and big, not to mention the benefit maximum of experiences and relationships gained by Kuwait over time, adding that the most important of all these things that the world at the beginning of a storm of collapses rapidly and is about to exit the matter of control Kalanhiar sudden that happened in the bond market trade in the year 2008, so the relations, Iraq – Kuwait On the economic level is very important and can form a major power in the region.

Hiring consulting firms for his part, suggested economic adviser Dr Shafiq al-Tamimi, contracted with a consulting firm with expertise and competence to prepare a study of comprehensive planning for the entry of goods and materials and staffs human required between the two countries. ” port parametric appropriate and said Tamimi (morning): “The economic relations between Iraq and Kuwait should include road networks, trains and all ground transportation and all the systems, facilities and services required to process the supply and transport of materials and personnel are to ensure the construction process and the development and growth of the Iraqi economy,” calling for the establishment of border port of living between the two countries, according to global standards. either Advisory Engineer Saeb discussion, he called to address the red tape and obstacles encountered investors.

exemption of goods into the customs and stressed discussion (morning) the importance of developing trade in the port Safwan, so that trucks entering without the need to diversion of goods to other trucks. Regarding the development of exchanges between the two countries, he urged not to obtain the duty-free imported materials at the border, especially given that this process had a negative effect. also proposed agreement on the operation of bus lines to transport passengers from Iraqi cities to Kuwait City and vice versa, with the development of roads and railway network between the two countries according to international standards to accommodate the large volume of goods and materials required for the construction and development process.

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