Rikabi: economic reform act will arrange an economy that cannot be repaired with old laws

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Committee of economy MP//Ibrahim Al-Rikabi, the importance of the economic reform act to support and develop the Iraqi economy, indicating that this law stumbled since it was approved by the Cabinet.

Rikabi said (News Agency): economic reform law will eliminate non-productive projects stalled and the privatization of some of them and make them productive as tourism, agriculture, industry and others.

He continued: this law will support the country’s economy to its articles serving the import and export operations and to protect the product and consumer, can rearrange the national economy which distorts the shape can not be repair the old laws.

Some economists have hoped that economic reform is a moral impetus to the advancement of the national economy in terms of identifying heading towards a free market economy through private sector participation



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