International economic expert: restructuring the currency does not offer nor delay the project to delete the zeros and provides a service to the Iraqi currency

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Posted in Business & Finance Monday, January 23 1 / December 2013 16:07

Counting the international economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine restructuring of the Iraqi currency does not offer nor delay on the economy, noting that the project to delete the zeros provides a service to the Iraqi currency.

He said that “the zeros in the currency increases the mattress decimal point, and this would get tired accountants because of the large amounts that are trading, as the, the fallibility of accountants when they prepare the amounts, and this is the same reason that led the citizen to resort to the dollar.”

He pointed out that “the deletion of zeros serve process and renew and produces coin does not accept fraud and other metal small units.”

Antoine Turning to the conditions required for the change to delete the zeros, and saw that he realized there was a “political and security situation is stable,” but he stressed that the current situation does not help on this matter, a proposal to postpone the issue until after the elections. ”


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