Iraqi promises to repay the debt owed it to Jordan

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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December 25, 2013 10:22

The government has prepared a detailed dossier of debt owed by Iraq, amounting to a billion dollars, and the file will top the priorities of the debt talks to be conducted by the ministerial delegation headed by Jordan Eagles, which begins on Wednesday.

A ministerial source said that the prime minister personally asked the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to prepare a file detailing of debt owed by the Iraqi government since many years, stressing that the Iraqi side and through the process of preparing for the visit by the joint committees never willingness to resolve the file debt and the payment of Jordan dues for him to Iraqi government. According to the Arab newspaper

The source said that the Iraqi government does not object to the payment of this debt for years, but the dispute was in the repayment method, aspect of Iraq was willing to make repayment through the Paris Club, Jordan wants to collect debts directly from the Iraqi government, because the payment by the Paris Club will be by installments and payments stretching years throughout.

The source revealed further details in a debt owed by Iraq for the benefit of the Jordanian private sector “companies and individuals” and that up to about 500 million dollars, stressing that the state claims-documented official approved the Iraqi side is ready to discuss and find solutions to settle this debt.

The “Arabs Today” revealed in a report published on Sunday that Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Al Eagles will arrive in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Wednesday at the head of a ministerial delegation, to discuss a package of economic and political files and file security, notably the Iraqi oil pipeline – Jordan

The delegation includes Jordan, along with Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Al Eagles both Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh and Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supply Hatem Halawani and Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akef Al Zoubi and Energy Minister Mohamed Hamed.

And discuss the ministerial delegation also stressed “Arabs Today” in its former oil pipeline “Iraqi Jordanian” When this project of economic benefit high return on the two countries and the search coils political, security and economic, notably the energy file shared between the two countries in addition to the free trade agreement and file export vegetables and fruits Jordan to Iraqi market, and details concerning the implementation of the joint oil pipeline project all, and some of the security issues and political positions shared between the two countries.

The importance of the project pipeline “Iraqi Jordanian” The fact that Iraq looking for a new port and secure for the export of oil at lower costs than traditional methods through tanks, through the tube, which will connect Jordan and Iraq.


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