Analyst: strategic framework agreement slow in implementation

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Despite the passage of more than three years on the signing of the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States, observers noted that the U.S. side seems not serious in implementing the terms of this Agreement as soon as that leaves a clear impact on the Iraqi scene.

Political analyst Amir al-Saadi said the U.S. side is slow in implementation of the terms of the agreement, especially in the field of armaments, but he progresses good steps in the field of education and scientific exchange and fellowship, which left the impression that the U.S. government is not serious in achieving all of its provisions.

confirmed leader of the Iraqi List, Mohammed al-Khalidi it is necessary to increase the many meetings, and hearings dialogue between the parties, and talk about what you do, and the remainder of the agreement, especially in the area of security and armament, economy and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

so see a coalition of state law that there is significant progress in relations between Iraq and the United States at the level of implementation of the terms of this Agreement, especially since relations between the two countries reached a crescendo recent visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Washington and meeting with a large number of senior officials there.

confirmed Coalition leader Abbas al-Bayati said next year will see the emergence of the fruit of all those efforts through the arrival of the first batch of F16 aircraft as well as the this year was replete with security cooperation between the two countries through the exchange of security information across the supply Iraq with plenty of satellite images. this was Iraq and the United States have signed the 2009 Convention on the strategic framework of friendship and long-term cooperation between the two countries.


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