Iraq’s debt to Brazil amounting to 600 million dollars; Minister of Justice wants to end debt

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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The Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari on the need to end the file of debt to discuss with the countries concerned.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Justice received the Euphrates {} a copy of “al-Shammari received today, the Iraqi ambassador to Brazil Adel Mostafa and discussed with him the development and strengthening of diplomatic effort between the Republic of Iraq and the countries of the world.”

He explained that “the two sides also discussed the problem of Iraq’s debt to Brazil where he Shammari the importance of the completion of this file, which weighed on the Iraqi state and to discuss with the countries concerned.”

The statement continued that “the Iraqi ambassador stressed that the Brazilian government is ready to drop 80 percent of Iraq’s debt in accordance with the Paris Club agreement where it is cooperating with Iraq in several aspects, including economic.”

“The Iraqi ambassador noted that the Brazilian government has not officially demanded the extradition amounts of debt amounting to nearly 600 million dollars in full.”

The statement noted that “the Iraqi committee tasked with solving the problem of debt, headed by the Minister of Finance and includes in its membership and the Ministry of Justice plans to make several visits to Brazil for talks in this regard.”

The Iraq came burdened with huge amounts of debt to Arab and foreign countries as a result of the policies of the former regime


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