Economists: Iraq has witnessed economic achievements over the past decade

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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31/12/2013 08:07
Unanimously experts, academics and economists that the most prominent economic achievements that have been made ​​in Iraq over the past ten years have been, launch the licensing round and revive the middle class of employees by increasing their salaries, and improve the system of electronic payment and agricultural initiative and enter the telecommunications sector and little growth in the industrial sector and Reconstruction .

economic expert, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview for the (morning) that the most prominent economic achievements achieved in Iraq over the past decade was the transfer of Iraq’s economy from a war economy to economy, peace and transformation of the economy holistic centralized to a market economy.

confirmed that the most prominent economic achievements realized During the past years was to control the oil sector through the launch of licensing rounds and the introduction of foreign giants to revitalize and increase production in Iraqi oil fields scattered in the environs.

Saleh continued by saying: It’s part of the economic achievements that have been made ​​also launch a development plan that must be implemented action plan prescribed her law being a development plan is excellent if it was applied mechanisms correctly because it will bring economic boom in Iraq through private sector involvement in the production process to achieve development in the country.

Salih noted that the achievements marked also is the high level of per capita income of $ 750 per year in the year 2003 to $ 9500 per year in 2013. He explained that he has been during this decade actually move to bring back life to the middle class by improving salaries and rising incomes staff, where they now are paid directly across functions or another indirectly as a network of social protection or retired, pointing out that he was achieving success in this area level and clear.

drew an economist to achieve large proportion of economic justice through the continuation of the state under the auspices of the citizens and not to abandon them, However, but for the management of bad negative effects in this area where the reflected heavily on achieving those justice to include everyone. , in turn, said the academic economic Dr Majid Baidhani: that the economic achievements made ​​over the past ten years was the introduction of electronic systems in the economic sector represented by banks civil as well as direct first steps in the implementation of the project divided the national by the CBI.

said Baidhani in his statement (morning) that the achievements that referred stigmatized them is launching work smart card in 2007, this period witnessed events are unstable as possible visa success, wow this project, which shares the improvement of electronic payment systems in Iraq. added Baidhani that the advancement of the oil sector in Iraq was the most prominent achievements that have been achieved in the economic side where achieved a clear increase in production during the last few years, along with the international oil companies to enter Iraq to achieve investments and contribute to an increase in oil revenues. his part, said economic expert, Dr. Majid picture: that there are economic achievements many achieved during the last ten years, but not commensurate with the possibilities possessed by Iraq.

said the picture in his speech (morning) to be the most prominent achievements are in the field of oil, increased Iraqi oil revenues in addition to the significant increase in oil exports. , and pointed out that the telecom sector was also witnessed achievement by companies entering the mobile phone and work in the Iraqi arena what point improvement in this area, pointing out that the achievement in the industrial sector represents the efforts made ​​to revive the cement industry of Iraq, where the rehabilitated a number of laboratories as well as the creation of other laboratories for a total of 21 plants for cement in Iraq, he said, but it did not received protection and government support sufficient to proceed more quickly toward development.

continued that the picture agricultural initiative adopted by the government is the completion of another economic record within the economic achievements of the Iraqi achieved over the past decade through the clear improvement in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits as well as grains, adding that there are achievements have been achieved in the field of reconstruction.

pointed Suri at the conclusion of his speech that there are high hopes pinned on an improvement in the coming days. stressing that all the achievements during the past decade did not live up to the potential possessed by Iraq, citing the absence of a genuine will to implement development plans as well as the lack of seriousness in the implementation of economic laws enacted.


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