Iraq adopts new mechanisms to control the movement of foreign funds

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

BAGHDAD – Naseer Goldfinch
Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Despite the optimism, the Electoral Commission for elections in Iraq’s ability mechanisms of the new monitor funding campaign for the legislative elections scheduled for April next, skeptical observers and lawmakers in the effectiveness of this system, as it confirmed that the external financing «has already begun, and in ways that can not be detected by any supervisory body ».

He announced the official spokesman for the Office chroma-Moussawi said in a statement to «life», that the Commission «has decided to extend the period of receipt of the candidate lists of political entities and coalitions to participate in the election of the House of Representatives next one week, until the end of working hours on Thursday» on the ninth of this month. He pointed out that the Commission «has not so far received only four lists, mostly for non-head of sub-entities», adding that «the extension aims to provide an opportunity for political entities and coalitions to provide their lists».

He pointed out that al-Moussawi «system spending on election campaigns which was approved by the Board of Commissioners, select the amounts for entities to campaigns and political parties participating in the elections, which falls within the law of Iraq’s accession agreement to the United Nations anti-corruption». He stressed that «will contribute to the confiscation of illicit funds in the financing of the election campaign and the fight against vote-buying and the monopoly of the electoral process and the corruption of elections and political life».
And select System «ceilings financial disbursement in the campaign not to exceed expenses the campaign of the candidate per 250 dinars multiplied by the number of voters in the constituency, and select a political entity the same amount allotted to the candidate multiplied by the number of candidates for the list multiplied by the number of voters in the electoral district».

He explained that the reasons al-Moussawi, the adoption of this system is «creating equal opportunities for competition between political entities and candidates in the elections and how to achieve transparency in the collection and disbursement of funds in the campaign».

And saw an economist Haider Dawood said in a statement to «life», that «financing menus« phenomenon exists not only in Iraq alone, but in most countries adopted the democratic system, since this depends on the interests that bind our country to the rest of the region and the world ». He pointed out that «interests are divided into two political and economic».

He defended deputy «coalition of state law» Abdul Hussein al for the contents of this system, saying that the success of the command «depends on the political parties and find funding and how the behavior». He stressed that the Office of Financial Supervision «User is able to control the exchange as well as the central bank, which will monitor the movement of funds and inflows and outflows of deposits and revenues».

But Yasiri reduced the importance of control mechanisms on the funds moving between Iraq and abroad, and pointed out that «the regime was very strict before 2003, and must pass the security agencies, while today’s companies operate more freely and less control».

He noted the independent MP Jawad Albzona, that «phenomenon generally accepted in Iraq is that most of the laws, decrees and regulations issued Not Applicable to the absence of a solid follow up the implementation». He added that «Permissions Commission Sttjaozha political blocs that would be willing to pay whatever fines amounted to a trickle, because they want success at any price».

And violations, announced that it «exist and transfers began via traders and businessmen not politicians belonging to parties of the apparent, but the work of subcontractors within these entities, and here enters the funds in the form of camouflage and would be difficult to monitor».

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