Maliki reveals the blueprint for the formation of an independent state recognized by the Gulf state

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned “some Arab countries that support terrorism,” as Cetktoa of his fire, revealing that “the Gulf state to support al-Qaeda and that there is a blueprint for the formation of an independent state to announce its recognition of him.”

He said in a speech during the celebration central day Iraq that “the effort and awareness that Bzlnah to prove to others that Square sit-ins are nothing but a lie her claims because the government has provided Maasttaat Today also we are ready to connect with others in dialogue anyone who wants to raise the suffering and the realization of rights.”

Maliki said that “the subject is the design and the issue of al-Qaeda and Daash have moved these demands and has become the headquarters for the sit-in squares base, but because of the patience of the killers managed to stretch the arms and through the support of countries that do not want the best for Iraq.”

He noted that “what that uncovered the truth and we raised yard sedition even launched gangs taking advantage of the slogans launched by even built an independent state in Anbar,” noting that “one of those who belong to organizations terrorist said that if we waited three weeks to have declared an independent state and recognized by the Gulf state.”

He also said that “even though we came late, late arrival, the best of the lack of access and our decision to retract it until we finish the gang and saved the people of Anbar who Astagathoa state and pant them a clear picture.”

He said that “a lot of facts began to change and many of the images started to become clear after great effort and suffering to Aasana but to rely on the success of the operation Alsaasah that they want to bring it down and he would check it Vsttbosr all efforts” and stressed “the need to end the scene of sectarian and sectarians.”

Maliki said that “the issue is not emotions as he is not permitted for anyone who wants to speak to speak in his own way Vkfana of the vote undisciplined on both sides and that if the two parties do not wise to Achtpkina sectarian war endless.”

He said that “we are talking about Iraq, and should not forget that we are in a volatile region and do not know what is where after years we do not know what are the map of the world at the time and who can survive the likelihood of bad caused by the ideas of sectarianism and al-Qaeda as Landry What are the latest developments after Syria there Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, “saying that” the region is sitting on a low boil because of foreign interference in its affairs. ”

And between al-Maliki that “we if we want to stabilize Iraq, it will be on the basis of autism and the abolition of the communities.”

He warned “some Arab countries that have cacophony or clerics liars of interference in internal affairs and stand on the line and the expansion of crises during the sectarian chord as the good guy can not keep his country intact and stable.”

He also said that “those countries that pay attention that the fire that ignited in Iraq wore them and expand.”

He added that “the world must pay attention that terrorism does not hold, but the wind stinking and he is able to accommodate, which exists in all countries and the major powers to take realistic policies wisely and to Atnhaz to this or that party as Invite to stop the principle of settling accounts internationally, regionally and nationally” .


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