The high proportion of counterfeit currency deposited with the Central Bank

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Revealed the Finance Committee for the high proportion of counterfeit currency deposited with the central bank, while confirming that the number of banknotes that have been exposed exceeded the 2000 paper out of the 88 million paper.

A member of the Finance Committee MP Magda al-Tamimi told / JD /: the number of leaves counterfeit, according to the report of the Central Bank, amounted to 2301 banknotes out of 88 million banknotes deposited at the bank, noting that the proportion of these counterfeit banknotes estimated at about three percent per thousand .

She added that the percentage of counterfeit securities during October was low and estimated at about one percent per thousand out of 103 million banknotes deposited with the central bank.

The central bank has asked all banks months ago to disclose measures taken against the applicants fake banknotes.

The central bank said in an earlier statement received / JD / copy of it: Massarvkm detect counterfeit banknotes in deposits have earned from institutions or individuals ..

He called in his statement informing the central actions taken against the depositors of banks in such cases to provide him with what has been taken.

The Interior Ministry has revealed the arrest of a gang in possession of 12 million dinars forged, asserting that the gang admitted rigging three billion dinars.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier Saad Maan in an earlier statement / dinar /: managed security force of the Ministry of Interior of the arrest of the gang counterfeiting currency competent after receiving information pointed to the place of their presence.

He explained: that the force rushed to the area of ​​the eastern section has ambushed a gang members and arrested him, and then follow the remaining individuals were arrested, were seized in possession of 12 million dinars, forged from the 5 categories and 25 000.

He added that the gang admitted their crime and their rigging currency since 2004, noting that the total of counterfeit Iraqi currency, which they rigged amounted to about three billion dinars


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