Anbuge: economic reform facilitates the transition to a free market

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

1/9/2014 0:00

Upcoming changes to its law amid calls for the adoption of high expertise

BAGHDAD – Farah pumice
Seeking the prime minister represented Authority advisers to conduct quick adjustments to the law of economic reform to be sent to the House of Representatives for approval because of its great benefit to the progress of the Iraqi economy.

Economic adviser in the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, said in an interview extensively with “morning”: “within the program economic reform led by the advisor to the Council of Ministers has been cooperating with many international organizations, particularly the World Bank and the United Nations and the U.S. Agency for International Development and see a lot from the experiences of countries in the world and what has been be found that economic reform comes from the supreme bodies as in the experiences of China, Poland, Romania, Germany and other countries with different names between the Commission and the Council as published decisions of economic reform by their governments. ”


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